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HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Bootstrap, React, Redux, Vue


Ruby, Ruby on Rails


SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL


Pair-programming, Mentoring, Remote work, Proactive, Strong Communication, Teamwork


Git, Git-Flow, RSpec, Jest, Linters, TDD, Chrome Dev Tools


AWS, Heroku, Netlify, VPS, WordPress, Moodle, Joomla


Hi! My name is Denis, and I'm a full-stack web developer who mastered the best industry practices to build software solutions for businesses. I worked for the police forces of my country for 15 years, where I inhabited multiple roles as an IT Specialist and built apps and websites for the institution. I graduated from Microverse, a remote software development school that allows devs from all over the world to pair-program and build projects together. Before fully committing to software development, in my previous job I was innovation-oriented and created new things regularly, like dashboards, stock control systems, and so on. I’ve spent the last several months working on many projects: from landing pages to APIs, doing peer-programming and improving my communication and collaboration skills, all while attending an online remote school where less than 1% of applicants are accepted: a feat that’s made me proud of myself. If you have free time, we can schedule a 15 minutes Zoom meeting to talk more about my achievements.



A catalogue of statistics where you can find stock market info. This app is built with React/Redux and Financial Modeling Prep API to retrieve the data.

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Damian Rush
Damian Rush

This is a platform game built with Phaser.js (a JavaScript library for game development) and connect to leaderboard API to save and display score.

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Movie Guru
Movie Guru

The Movie Guru is a blog built With Ruby on Rails, where a user can create and vote for articles about a movie. The most voted article is displayed in the top rank section.

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Weather App
Weather app

A weather application built with JavaScript and open weather API. The user inputs the name of the city to see the weather condition for that city.

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Telegram news
Telegram News

A Telegram Bot built with Ruby & Sqlite3 that randomly displays news from online newspapers, and motivational quotes.

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This project is a social media website, built with Ruby on Rails and PostgreSQL, where a user can send friend requests, like or dislike comments.

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MOOC Platform for the National Police Academy built with Moodle. In this platform, Police officers can attend online classes, take quizzes and obtain a certificate.

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Academie Nationale de Police
National Police Academy

Haitian Police training facility website built with WordPress and Elementor. This website as a built-in blog.

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Police Nationale d'Haiti
National Police of Haiti

Haiti law enforcement institution Website built with WordPress, Elementor. This website as a built-in blog.

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